⏪ rewind.website

rewind.website runs Cast Rewinder, which allows you to subscribe to a podcast from the beginning.

Every so often I discover a podcast that sounds really great, but it has been publishing episodes for so long that it’s a chore to go back at the beginning.

Now with Cast Rewinder on rewind.website you can subscribe to that podcast and get updates, starting from the beginning. You can set the frequency (monthly, weekly, daily… and even on specified days of the week) and other options, like the feed format or at which episode in the feed to start your discovery.

Go to the form, enter the URL for a feed, or an iTunes or SoundCloud address, and start receiving episodes from that podcast from the beginning!

The idea originates from Brendan Hutchins in the podcast Bitrate, in June 29th, 2018 episode. Thanks for the inspiration!

The python app Cast Rewinder, which powers this website, was developed by Joachim Robert in his spare time, and released under a free software license. It allows you to read the code, copy it, learn from it and share it, for free. You can contact the author on Github: Cast Rewinder, send him an email at hello@rewind.website.