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How to donate?

If Cast Rewinder has helped you such a way that you want to donate to support its development and hosting costs, I really appreciate it.

Cast rewinder and rewind.website don’t cost me much (just the domain name and hosting fees), but I believe that paying Open Source & Free Software developers for their work is the cornerstone of FOSS. Cast Rewinder was built with many tools, like Python (the main programming language), PostgreSQL (the database), Pallets (Flask or Jinja help me make the website) or Bulma (the website’s look and feel). Donating to any of these Open Source projects will help make Cast Rewinder better.

Moreover, as I don’t have many expenses relating to this project, I thought you might consider making a donation to a charity like GiveDirectly, which provides direct help to low income households in developing countries by giving them money, or to Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Waters which provides more than 4 million people with safe drinking water. Both charities are very well rated on Givewell.org, which rates charities and NGOs for their efficiency.
I also support Water.org and Trees for the Future which are well rated on Charity Navigator.

If you also want to donate to Cast Rewinder/rewind.website, here’s my own PayPal page.