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Cast Rewinder has a small API.

For all of you developers out there, there's a small RESTful API you can access via GET and POST methods.


The API endpoint is rewind.website/api/get, here’s all the arguments you can pass:

  • url required, the URL for a feed, or the URL for an iTunes or SoundCloud podcast page
  • frequency accepts values:
    • monthly
    • weekly default value
    • daily
    • custom_days
  • start_date accepts dates values, defaults to today, format `YYYY-MM-DD`
  • start_date_timezone accepts timezone values, in the form of a TZ name, as defined in the official list of tz database time zones. E.g. America/Los_Angeles or Europe/Isle_of_Man (spaces in the name are replaced by “_”) defaults to “Etc/UTC”, or +00:00
  • option_start_at accepts positive integers, defaults to 1
  • option_order accepts values:
    • asc default value
    • desc
  • option_format accepts values:
    • feed_rss default value
    • feed_atom
    • feed_json
  • option_keepdates accepts values:
    • false default value
    • true

If frequency has the value custom_days, you have to provide an argument for each selected day, a failure to do so results in a stern warning and defaults the frequency to weekly.

  • custom_day_mon=y for publication on mondays
  • custom_day_tue=y for publication on tuesdays
  • custom_day_wed=y for publication on wednesdays
  • custom_day_thu=y for publication on thursdays
  • custom_day_fri=y for publication on fridays
  • custom_day_sat=y for publication on saturdays
  • custom_day_sun=y for publication on sundays

Here’s a couple of examples:


The API endpoint is rewind.website/api/post. You have to transmit the request in JSON format, as application/json. The arguments are pretty much the same as in the GET method.

Here is a sample JSON for a POST request, all these values are defaults:

  "url": <your url>,
  "frequency": "custom_days",
  "custom_day_mon": false,
  "custom_day_tue": false,
  "custom_day_wed": false,
  "custom_day_thu": false,
  "custom_day_fri": false,
  "custom_day_sat": false,
  "custom_day_sun": false,
  "start_date" : <today>,
  "start_date_timezone" : "Etc/UTC",
  "option_start_at": 1,
  "option_order": "asc",
  "option_format": "feed_rss",
  "option_keepdates": false


The API response to a well-formed request will be a JSON object containing the feed ID and the URL.

  "feed_id": 16,
  "url": "https://rewind.website/16/mon-tue-sun/20180708+0000"

With the feed ID you can build your own feed URLs, if you follow the right frequency, start date and options arguments.